Mary Cheh Wins Ward 3 Council Seat!

"To my supporters, volunteers, and staff, thank you so very much, it's been such a great year! I've enjoyed getting to meet thousands of Ward 3 residents on the campaign trail and I look forward to getting to know many, many more as your representative to the Council. I can't wait to get to work."



John Eaton Elementary School Block Party, October 14, 2006.
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Mary Wins Democratic Primary!

Welcome to the online headquarters of the Mary Cheh for Ward 3 D.C. Council campaign. Please take a moment to explore the site. You can learn more about Mary's vision for the District, volunteer to help, find out about upcoming events, or simply let Mary know what you think about the issues facing all of us. Feel free to share the address of this site with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to visit and spread the word.

Mary Cheh, candidate, D.C. Council, Ward 3, Democrat

“Mary is an innovative thinker, a role model who gets things done.�
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“I’m supporting Mary because I know she is committed to reforming and improving the public school system.�
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“Mary is one of the most effective people I know.�
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